Social Movements

This assignment should be approximately 7-8 double spaced pages. It will have two parts: an analytical section and an annotated bibliography: The first part of the assignment involves identifying a theme (any of the themes covered in the course such as gender and politics; social movements, political change, pop culture, indigenous politics, race and inequality, diversity, and so on. These themes have been carefully selected because they reflect dominant domains in the discipline of political science.
1) Identify a theme/topic for investigation that we will/have covered in the course and why you chose it (one paragraph, about 100 words). 3 | P a g e
2) Develop a thesis statement on the topic (offers a concise summary of the main point/claim/argument of an essay).
3) Explain why your research question is important (one paragraph, about 100 words)
4) Develop three supporting arguments to support your thesis and briefly explain why they are important to your argument (about 75-100 words for each argument explanation).
*Part 1 should be about 2 pages in total: first 3 sections = about one page in length; section 4 = about one page in length. The second part involves compiling a critical annotated bibliography in support of theme you have selected. An annotated bibliography is a series of brief but critical summaries of academic sources. These sources will be chosen on the basis that they support your thesis and the arguments outlined in part one. You will need a minimum of 5 entries. The quality of your sources is very important and will be closely assessed. Your sources must be acceptable academic sources: specifically, books, book chapters, and peer-reviewed journal articles. (No Wikipedia entries, or news articles, popular books, or popular internet sites). As well, the quality of your annotations will be critically assessed based on the following:
1. A Brief summary of the source’s main argument (one paragraph, about 100 words).
2. What the strengths/limitations of this source are (one paragraph, about 100 words).
3. How the source contributes to supporting your thesis statement and the supporting arguments (one paragraph, about 100 words). For more information on Social Movements read this:

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