Sociology Portfolio

Instructions: For this assignment students will create a portfolio of #SOCMEMES – Internet memes that represent sociologists and sociological theories/concepts – that demonstrates their overall knowledge after a semester of Introduction to Sociology.

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Please see the attached outline to assist you in budgeting the content of your 8 total memes.

Portfolio Content

Portfolios must contain all of the following:

at least 8 unique memes (no repeated concepts, people or content)
at least two unique memes representing each of the four course units
at least three unique memes that represent branches of social theory
at least three unique memes that represent important social theorists
at least two memes that represent sociological concepts/terminology

Meme Design

A meme is a – often humorous or punny – graphic combining words and images to quickly convey meaning. Memes have become staples of Internet culture and are ideally shared via social media. As such, memes are not generally large in size. For this project the recommended dimensions of your memes are 500-600 pixels wide and 600-800 pixels tall (roughly 500 x 700 pixels). You can swap the dimensions around for a horizontal orientation.

Students will compose memes by using Google Drawing – a free online software – or another graphical program of their choice (see links below). Alternative, there are some meme creation websites linked at the bottom of these instructions. Students will compose a slide show of their memes and submit it to Canvas as a PDF or PowerPoint file.


As a final component of this project students will provide brief (100-word) explanations of each of their memes. These descriptions should indicate the sociological theorist or sociological concepts/theories being displayed. Descriptions should follow each of the 8 memes uploaded to the student’s portfolio. Please use formal grammar and punctuation in your meme descriptions.

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