Sports and Modern Society Discussion


Watch Murderball. (link provided with this order) Take notes per the study guide provided.(provided as an image file with this order). This film will appear on the week’s quiz). Then, choose ONE of the following options:

What kinds of socialization processes are taking place for the men who have come to play Murderball? How would Coakley describe their social world?
How does Murderball expect its audiences to respond to disability before and after viewing the film? Do you think the film changes audience expectations? How and Why?
How does Murderball illustrate intersectionality: the idea that you can’t look at one identity factor without looking at how identity factors interact with one another (race, sexuality, gender, disability)?
Be sure to support your answer with evidence and specific examples from ONLY the assigned readings. If you cite references from the lecture in order to support your discussion post, you will be deducted points. **Please be sure to cite your sources. If you need help with citations, check out the OWL online resource regarding APA style. In order to earn your full credit, you will want to comply with the APA (both in-text citation and reference list). Following grading criteria, you need to indicate both (1) in-text citation and (2) reference list at the end of the post.
Remember to reply to two of your classmates’ posts by Friday.

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You will receive a grade for your submissions; your efforts here will help you engage more fully with the lectures and readings, as well as prepare you for your weekly quiz.

Discussion posts should each be 250-400 words in length and make a substantive argument. If your post did not achieve the word limit, TA will deduct points. Also, you cannot earn more points if you submit over 400 words. The discussion point value totals 40, 20 points for the initial post, and 10 for each response. All submissions must follow the APA style considering in-text citation, reference list, etc.

Discussions are graded using the following rubric:

Content: Does your response answer the question(s)? Is your response coherent, clear, and well-developed? Are claims substantially supported by evidence from the text(s) (i.e. do you quote from the readings as needed)?

Format/Organization: Are your ideas organized in a clear way? Do claims follow from your main argument? Does your writing comply with the APA? Did you meet the word limit (250-400)?

Style/Mechanics: Is your prose clear and easy to read? Are there are transitions from one thought to another? Is your spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. (mostly) correct?

Please note that any direct quotations from course materials (lectures, readings, etc) should be cited appropriately. This is true for your discussion posts, the midterm, and any other time you directly reference work produced/written by another person. For a quick reference guide to citation, check out the college student’s guide to citation styles.


Film/Documentary, MURDERBALL (Wheelchair Rugby)

Please watch the following TWO links. The information and knowledge learned from these YouTube clips will be sufficient to complete all discussion questions and quiz questions.

LINK 1 :

LINK 2 :

I attached several sources(links and image file) those you would need for doing this assignment successfully. Also, I provided the grading rubrics above. Please be aware of grading rubrics! THANK YOU!!

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