Team project writing of Operations for competitive advantage

Course name is Operations for Competitive Advantages

It is a 1 and a half page writing, double spaced. I attached 3 files, the PDF is the requirements for the project. The first word doc. is the project basic idea and content. The second doc. is the paper that need to work on.

I’m in charge of stage(step)6

Basically need to see the requirement firs(PDF), then write the stage(step)6  part on the word doc. based on the idea and thought in another word doc., which has ideas for 5 steps in it.

Length should be one and a half page.

The idea for stage 6 is already there in one of the word doc.,just need to make it to a few of paragraphs, (refer to the first two stages that has already been done)

Remember, only need to do the writing for stage 6! Leave other Stages blank there! Thank you!

Not too much time, but should be no problem to finish!

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