The Effects of Dynamic Learning Program

In the hybrid system learning mode is the international standard to achieve the dynamic learning program to facilitate learning activity implemented by every school in accordance to newly adopted basic education curriculum program from the United States. The implementation is based on the status of the Philippines as the last Asian country practicing 10th graders than most of the neighbouring countries practicing K-12 program and the only three countries in the world with a 10-year pre-university program (SEAMEO).
Although the implementation is challenging as it requires efforts and hard work coming from different social group, colleges and universities, still we should abide the law on it. The framework of K-12 was developed to pass the international standard so that every Filipinos has a place to cope up what is essential that can bring to our country with their full potentials while doing their job.
The Philippines has undergone a major transition of basic education curriculum. The adoption of K-12 program was announced four years ago. It is adding two more years to the Filipinos total education process and obliging the young to start formal education with kindergarten. The government will facilitate an accelerated economic growth and will facilitate mutual recognition of Filipino graduates and professionals in other countries (Bartolo, 2014).

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One of our most consistent findings and understanding about the change process in education is that all successful schools experience “implementation dips” as they move forward (Fullan, 2001). The implementation dip is literally a dip in performance and confidence as one encounter and innovations that requires new skills and understanding.
We were in the environment that is witnessing great changes. From every quarter, we are bombarded with information and new knowledge. The previous methods of applying change through technical expertise and structural changes without consideration for people will not work anymore (Axelrod, 2000). The important lesson is that it is time to systematically include people in the change process and build their capacity of handling change.
Not everything new is fine. Reformation of a certain aspect does not guarantee an improvement. Resistance to change, on the other hand, cannot be taken simply as stubbornly being tied to old ways. Fixing something that is actually not broken is not viable and can even make the matter worst. This is especially true for a system as complex in education. Reform can take more than dreaming (Cruz, 2013)
For these reasons, the researcher acquired a great desire that is inspired by researches in the concept and studies on the effectiveness of early implementation of the program in primary and secondary level what about the impact in tertiary level as viewed by higher educational institution. The researcher wants to know the impact on his colleagues in the field of education to take some actions for colleges and universities for being aware and prepared for planning and management on how to adopt the program effectively. Through understanding of this research, the researcher was hoping that the government institution concerned with this will understand the dilemma on the implementation of basic education program on the higher educational institution.
Conceptual Framework and Research Paradigm
The conceptual framework model shows that K-12 as viewed by locally funded universities and and its impact in higher educational institution.
As shown in the research paradigm, the K-12 guidelines as basis by locally funded universities/colleges in providing added content and support of the program affects the school climate of higher education institution. Hence, the university/colleges awareness for planning and managing of such program was hereby proposed.

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