Values/Norms in Cyberspace

Respond to three (3) of the following four questions in short essays of approximately 600 words each.

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-Your responses should draw on the relevant empirical and theoretical literature covered in the course material. (Attached)
-You may use only 1 outside source outside of what is listed. the source must be a scholarly review source.
-Plagiarism free!!

1. How did the history of the Internets formation shape its security concerns today?

2. What norms for cyberspace have different institutions and/or governments promoted? What has caught on and what has not? What does this tell us about how international norms are formed?

3. Two broad foreign policy approaches to the Internet have emerged: one advocates a free, open, global Internet and a multi-stakeholder model of global governance involving states and private actors, while the other supports limiting the flow of certain information online and a state-centric, multilateral model of governance. What motivates each of these approaches? To which are you more sympathetic? Why?

4.In what ways is it useful or not useful to think of cyberspace as a territory?  What are the limitations and/or rights of states to defend their territory in cyberspace? For instance, if a criminal hacker in Russia uses a computer in France as part of an attack that temporarily shuts down a power plant in the United States, do any of these states have a responsibility to act? What types of responses would be justified?

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