Video Analysis

Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in Overview.
Submit learning activities to the correct week’s Learning Activity tab in the Assignment Folder.
Put your name on your uploaded file.
Submit work in Word, RTF, or PDF format.
Refer to course materials, cases, and/or statutes to support conclusions.
Background: Attorney Chong gives you responsibility for developing and completing exercises focusing on
citations and completing a case brief. These skills are important for paralegals and can be confusing, so Chong
wants to use your material as part of the Learning Lunch professional development seminar with paralegals.
The legal profession cites to cases using the Bluebook format so your exercises should properly cite in
Bluebook format.
Part I. Citations
Retrieve the case below using Westlaw or the UMGC Library.
Deering Woods Condominium Association, 377 Md. 250
For the Deering case, provide the following:

  1. Regional citation for 377 Md. 250
  2. Official citation for 377 Md. 250
  3. Parallel citation for 377 Md. 250 (be sure to reference the court decision in the regional citation format)
    Part II. Case Briefing
    Read the Deering case.
    Analyze and write a case brief for Deering. You will not submit the case brief with this Learning Activity, but
    writing it is an effective tool for analyzing the case. Refer to the “Writing a Case Brief” link above for details and
    tips for writing a case brief.
    After writing the case brief, respond to the following, using complete sentences and our own words:
  4. Explain the procedural background.
  5. Identify and describe the facts that led to the legal problem.
  6. State the legal problem (issue).
  7. Explain the court’s rationale in deciding the legal problem.
  8. State the final decision on the legal problem (holding).

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