What are the possible ethical issues that could arise, how will you manage this, where will you apply for ethical clearance for your study?Discuss


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This is a research proposal (part 2 of the literature review you did for me on bedside handover). let me know if you need me to send you the literature review for reference.

This assignment is linked with assignment 1. Now you that you have learnt how to conduct a literature review. Previously you have conducted a literature review on one of the element of bedside handover listed below:

The benefits of bedside handover

The barriers to implementing bedside handover

The perspective of nurses about bedside handover

The perspective of patients about bedside handover

The perspective of family members about bedside handover

In this assignment you are now required to write a research proposal based on any gaps identified in your review.


Use double spacing throughout essay.

Font size- 11 or 12

Approximately 4-5 pages (excluding reference list)

Use APA 7th Edition

A minimum of 10 papers are to be reviewed

All references must be within the last 10 years. If you need to go outside of this range, you need to provide a reason.

The following sections must be included in your proposal: Project title, Background, research question/objectives, significance of the study, Method (which should including the following sub headings: study design, study setting, sampling and recruitment, data collection, data analysis, ethical consideration, project timeline). Further details about these sections are provided below.

As part of the sources used you will need to include sources that justify your choice of methodology/methods.

You should include the subheadings listed in #7.

Please ensure you include an assignment cover sheet with your submission.


Background- This should include a detailed review of other research in the subject area. You will need to draw on the work you presented in assignment 1 (please be careful not to self-plagiarise). You need to draw on the findings from that assignment to help inform your current background. It should clearly show how your current work will build on what has already been done or why further research is needed in a similar area. Ideally it should present an argument to the reader as to why the research is important.

Research question/objectives: This section should include a concise statement about the desired outcomes that will be achieved in conducting the study. It should be clear and specific, achievable, and merit study.

Significance of the study: This section should describe the importance of the research to patients, the nursing profession, to health care and/or society.

Method: This section should answer the question: What is to be done, on who, how and where? The methods you chose should be relevant to the question you are trying to answer, and should be feasible.

Study design: Will this be a qualitative or quantitative study? if qualitative or quantitative, what type? (Phenomenology, quasi-experimental etc). Justify the chosen design. Include appropriate references.

Setting and Sample: who will you be collected data from and where will they be situated?

Data Collection: How will you be collecting data, are you interviewing people, are you using a survey? What will you use to collect your data? (Include references)

Data Analysis: Once you have collected the data what will you do with it? (Include references)

Ethical considerations: What are the possible ethical issues that could arise, how will you manage this, where will you apply for ethical clearance for your study?

Project timeline: How long do you think this study will go on for? Factor in the fact that ethics application could take at least 2 months to be obtained.

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