What type of research uses a research hypothesis?

What type of research uses a research hypothesis?

3. What type of research does not use statistical data analysis?________________________
4. What type of research preempts all other types of research endeavors?________________
5. Business research is a type of ________________ inquiry.
6. What are the three main types of non-probability sampling used in business research?________
7. In a situation where in a confidence level .01 what percent of the measurement results are left to chance?_______________________________
8. What is the most important ingredient in a statistical testing procedure?___________________
9. If a production manager wanted to determine whether or not the first shift was processing more widgets than the second shift, what type of statistical process would be used?_______________
10. What type of t test seeks to determine whether or not a relationship exists in one sample over two conditions? ______________________

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Questions Multiple Choices (Points 3 ea.)

11. Which of the examples below represent the Ratio level of scaling?
A) A high temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit
B) A survey result that 24 students work full time, 36, part time.
C) Bill is consistently rated most effective communicator of his group.
D) Gallup says that 60% of the voters support the incumbent.
E) Pick up three pounds of ground beef please.
F) Patty acts as expected based on her first-born family position.
G) Seattle at an altitude of 67 feet is higher than Death Valley at an altitude of – 120.
H) The door is 37 inches wide; the door frame is 36 inches wide.

B, C and F
D, E and G
C, F and H
A, E and H

12. Select those issues that only relate to selecting a specific statistical test. (Do not select items common to all tests or not applying to statistical tests.) (Points : 3)

The distribution (shape) of the population (e.g., normal, skewed, flat, etc.)
The measurement scale/nature of the data being evaluated (nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio)

The size of the population (assuming it is much larger than any samples)
The level of significance (_) you wish to place on the test results

Whether you have matched/related or unmatched/unrelated samples
The degrees of freedom (sample size) associated with your sample(s)
The statement of the null and research hypotheses
Whether the sample was stratified or not
Which of the following apply to Populations?
A) parameter



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