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“Van Eyck and Analyzing Art in the Northern Renaissance” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

Explain whether you agree with the interpretation of either Sayre or  Koster of Van Eyck’s Arnolfini double portrait, identifying the most  persuasive part of that interpretation. Describe two (2) symbolic  elements of the painting and any other features that stand out to you.  Pretend you are having a portrait done of you and a significant other;  describe at least four (4) symbolic elements that you might include in  the painting, and explain why.


Margaret Koster’s interpretation at

You have 3 issues to address… one which may take many paragraphs to complete

1) explain whether, or not, you agree with the interpretations of Sayre or Koster regarding Van Eyck’s portrait and identify the most persuasive part of that interpretation

2) describe 2 symbolic elements of that painting, and any other features that you think are important

3) pretend that you are having a portrait painted of you and a significant other, describe at least 4 symbolic elements you would like included in this painting… and, explain why you would want these elements
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