You have to write an answer based on this writing,

You have to write an answer based on this writing, a minimum of 200 words. You need to add references and quotes, do not use the same references that appear in the writing. The Greeks are an ethnic gr

You have to write an answer based on this writing, a minimum of 200 words. You need to add references and quotes, do not use the same references that appear in the writing.

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The Greeks are an ethnic group that was native mainly to Greece and other regions around the Mediterranean Sea. The Hindu is one of the world’s oldest religions and has had various healthcare concepts and beliefs. Medicine has been critical in Ancient Greece. They had high cultural priorities placed upon healthy lifestyles. Doctors learned on the ideas they had written, taught, and distributed. From some of these practices, various cultures embraced the practices and developed different medicines for modern challenges.

Cuban heritage has adopted some strategies and developed alternative medicines. Both Greek and Hinduism have had a significant influence on the Cuban heritage on healthcare beliefs. The two cultures have had a culture where they have based their diet on vegetables, fruit, cereals, and non-meet foods. In both cultures, meat consumption has been shallow, and the consequences of the tread are yet to be established. However, they have based the belief that what a person consumes has a high impact on the individual’s health (López Puig et al, 2019). To an extent, the Greek and Hindu Heritage have been retained and modified by the Cuban heritage to form the conventional medicine we have today.

The ancient Greeks are broadly perceived as the creators of western medicine for more than 2000 years ago. However, since then, they have been more understandings of the human body and discoveries on how well to treat the human body. Yet, they have had relevant topics that they have passed on to the Cuban doctors as they are crucial and of great importance in shaping the current healthcare. In addition, the Hindu and Greek have had healthful practices that differ depending on the person’s principles and customs.

Drugs were a start point of ancient medicine. Both Hindu and Greek created the perception and laid out the facts on the importance of diet in an individual’s whole way of life. It includes nourishment, drink, workout, excrement, and nap. They influenced the Cubans on learning and using these facts in the course of treatment of a patient. To them, health was perceived as an equilibrium of different fluids in the body. They influenced the Cubans by focusing on the patient’s body as an equilibrium of liquids in their body and the body responding to the environment(Allison, 2018). The Cuban doctors learned to use the Greek-style holistic approach to the diseases related to obesity and mental health as they are known to consume increasing amounts of the doctor’s time.

Greek and Hindu heritage also influenced the Cuban heritage that medicine requires trust. The doctor needs to ensure that his or her image is right to gain the patients’ confidence. The dressing of a doctor has an impact on the patients’ trust. The doctors were tasked with the responsibility to understand what their patients were thinking and help them trust you. By doing so, the patients can take their remedies trust, which is highly resourceful in the patients’ wellness.

They were more educated than influenced on how medicine goes in and out of fashion based on ancient Greek beliefs. Medicine is not a linear process that moves steadily, and it has some ups and downs. Besides, some discoveries are always hard to catch on. The Cuban heritage had to learn from the Greek and Hindu that not all medical questions have answers or solutions just yet. The discovery of the treatment is not an easy process either. The Ancient Greeks thought they had all the answers but later realized that they were too naïve to believe that all they knew is right. From that, the Cubans have learned about customizing medicine to each person. It is a strategy highly adopted in healthcare today. Especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic, they have embraced the customized approach to their patients worldwide due to a lack of approved vaccination or treatment.

The Greek and Hindu heritage influenced the Cuban culture not to accept anything without challenging it. It encourages them to take time over a discovery. They take the opportunity to learn its application on the human body. They learned the scientists and researchers need to rethink when they find new evidence along with the research. From the Greeks, the Cuban heritage learned that medicine needs to make sense to its audience (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). From it, they learned to accept results and not take a search for a pill for every ill.

The Greek and Hindu heritage has influenced the Cuban culture on the healthcare beliefs through beliefs and practices where they embraced ideas and modified them to form the modern solution to the current illnesses we experience today. The Greeks and the Hindus have always had a culture of basing their diets on vegetables, fruits, cereals, and other non-meat foods. Both Greeks and Hindus consume meat at low levels. However, it believed that these foods have a positive impact on the human body leading to improved healthcare.


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